Buy everything and anything you ever desired with just a click. Personal loan is a blessing in disguise to get an instant loan for travel, wedding expenses, home renovation, etc. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be used for a variety of personal end uses or any other urgent financial requirement. The major benefit of an unsecured loan is that the users do not require pledging of any collateral or asset to avail of your instant personal loan. With the MobiKwik app, the process is made a lot easier, one can download the MobiKwik App or website to get access to an online loan.

About Instant Personal Loan

Now nothing can stop you from fulfilling the things on your bucket list with an Instant Personal Loan. As it can be availed for plenty of purposes! It could be planning for a dream wedding for yourself or planning for a vacation. With quick approvals on Personal Loans, one can make their wishes come true with the blink of an eye. To avail of a personal loan online apply with the most trusted platforms of all which is Clear Our Money .

Benefits of Instant Loan

Personal loans are just not limited to fulfilling your desires but it also offers a lot of benefits over other types of loans. With the Clear Our Moeny website, the journey becomes easier. Mentioned below are the benefits of availing instant Personal Loan:
  1. Nominal Documentation:

    Easy loans are bliss. The process of availing of a personal loan has been simplified with minimal documentation as compared to other loans. Apply for a quick loan online with the Clear Our Money app and avail of instant cash loans with minimum requirements and documentation.

  2. No Collateral:

    Personal loans are unsecured in nature which means one doesn’t have to pledge any collateral or asset to avail of a personal loan. Clear Our Moeny helps you through the process in a click.

  3. Quick Access:

    It is no rocket science to avail Personal loan, It is truly simple and easy to get an instant personal loan online. To avail of low-interest instant loans and easy loans, the Clear Our Money app or website is the best platform to be chosen. One gets instant money via a loan in just a few simple steps with Clear Our Money.

  4. Spend anywhere you want:

    There are no restrictions on the criteria of where to spend your personal loan. It could for your travel plans or the renovation of your new house. It is accessible to anyone and everyone. With Clear Our Money your instant loan online is just a tap away.

Types of Personal loan

The past few years have experienced tremendous growth in Personal loans but there are multiple types of personal loans available. Mentioned below are some to give an overview:

  • Wedding Loan:

    A wedding is an event that comes with a long list of expenses and each one of us plans to make it memorable, many lenders have started offering personal loans for the wedding which can be customized as per the individuals needs.

  • Travel Loan:

    People who love vacations can always opt for this loan as with this loan one can go around the world, and pay their bills later with holiday loans.

  • Home Renovation Loan:

    One always dreams of a beautiful house for themselves which also includes renovating it as per our wish. Thus identifying this need, home improvement loans are offered, which help us take care of repairing costs, buying new material, laborer’s charges, etc.

  • Pension Loan:

    For the retired personnel is a special category of loans which is known as Pension loans. Pensioners are allowed to borrow for any kind of expenses like medical bills or personal requirements.

  • Education Loan:

    To pursue further education sometimes parents opt for education loans and their kids then take over and pay it up. which could be a loan for paying as mere as tuition fees, or a big academic requirement like going abroad.

Some of the other personal loans to be mentioned are Festival Loan, Consumer Durable Loan, and Computers & Mobile Phones Loan.

How To Apply For an Instant Personal Loan

To get your instant personal loan on Clear Our Money, one needs to follow some steps. It requires basic details and documentation to grant a personal loan with Clear Our Money. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and get your personal loan instantly:

  1. Open the app and click on Boost loan
  2. The instant cash loan page will appear on the page. Click on ‘I am interested’.
  3. Type in your personal details i.e. Aadhar card number and PAN number as the next step.
  4. Clear Our Money will check your eligibility for an instant loan online. The amount you are eligible for will be reflected on the screen.
  5. You can type the amount you want to withdraw and click on ‘boost credit’.
  6. The amount will instantly reflect in your wallet as an instant loan online i.e small loan.

With these few easy steps, an instant payday loan will be granted to the users.

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